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Body Police

The lights were blinding, the sirens were wailing, my heart was racing. This is the third time this week the body police have pulled me over. This is the second ticket they’ve written me. With fines, I must pay in extra hours at the gym or skipped meals. And the words keep playing over and over in my head. Something along the lines of asking if I’m pregnant because pretty girls shouldn’t be putting on weight like that in the tummy. My heart stopped. Don’t you wanna stay pretty? I hear these words, and maybe he’s not saying this to me. Maybe the woman who pulled me over with a warning last night was seeing her own reflection. Because after years of battling with insecurity I was finally winning. Now, however, my soldiers are retreating. Fortifying. Putting up a defensive stance. While the army outside the castle, that is my body, demand I hand over the food, the sweets, the sugar filled drinks. And maybe I can wait them out. Maybe I could’ve. But the police are reinforcing their lines. And my soldiers are tired and injured and who will protect this castle now? And should I pay these fines or fight them in court. What’s a girl to do when an army that took years to build is torn down so quickly?

You see, body policing, as seriously as some of you might take it to be your jobs, does not pay well. In fact, it pays in torn friendships, and guilt. And perhaps temporary satisfaction if bullying people makes you feel good. My body, and any other girls body is not your to comment on. And the comments I’ve gotten lately have hurt me. I’ve had problems in the past with insecurity, and I still have problems with intrusive thoughts. So my immediate thought when these ‘body police’ commented was, WELP I better not eat. Luckily, I’m a tad bit more logical than that now. But I wasn’t always. And a lot of people aren’t. In fact, in the US alone one person, every 62 minutes dies of an eating disorder. (Anad.org)

I want every single one of you who has ever called someone fat or called someone out for gaining weight(even if it was meant to be said with love) to think about that. Because today’s society and people like you are the reason that number is so high. So here I am; asking you, reading this, to stop.
For every girl who has ever been called out, you are beautiful. For every girl who is insecure, you’re beautiful. For anyone who just needs to hear it right now, you are beautiful.
Perhaps we can make this world a safer place. A place where it’s easy to love your body. And place where no body is shamed. So I ask you as my friends, family, acquaintances, and those of you I may not have met, let’s make this world a kinder place. Because if our generation can be the last that accepts body policing as part of our fate, our children will grow up happier. Their lives may be a bit fuller. So share this if you think it might make a difference. Send it to those who may have pulled you over. Or to those who’ve been pulled over.
Let’s give future generations a kinder place to live.

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