My Adventures in Becoming a Functioning Citizen of Society

Toni + Tires =??

There are three things you should know before we get into the full detail of this story. 
1.I have never changed a tire by myself, neither has my boyfriend. 

2.I really don’t know anything about cars that I didn’t learn on YouTube 

3.My car jack wasn’t properly functioning and I did not know that

So as we are driving around and exploring the island, trying to find some nice new spots to hang out yesterday, I took a wrong turn… or five. The result of that being that I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by quarries and farm land and generally confused. My logic at this point is this is a small island if I point myself in one direction I’ll hit water eventually. 

So I do my best to aim to what I think is a coast and I come across a paved road. I finally have signal so I pull up my map check where I am and I’m about to head out when I hear an awful sound. Pupupu POP!

I freak out get out of the car walk around and see the rim of my front passenger side tire on the ground. 

Knowing that I know nothing about cars I say something along the lines of “maybe we can drive it to town and get it fixed?” But we both know that isn’t a solution because we’re twenty minutes away from town and it’s Sunday so absolutely nothing is open! 

Between the two of us we should be able to change a tire right? WRONG! 

We get the car jack up which is a tremendous feat because my jack has no leverage so you’re basically just using your muscle and it might be easier to just squat lift the car honestly. But after lots of whining and turning and taking turns lifting the jack we finally have the car high enough to take the tire off. So we do. 

The we realize it’s still too low to put the new tire on. So we are turning and turning and huffing and puffing trying our best to get the car higher. And it hasn’t budged an inch. I looked at the little mark I’d made and it’s in the same spot and turning the jack is at a point where I no longer have the muscle to budge it. 

We are both frustrated and tired at this point. We’ve been working on this tire and stupid jack for at least forty five minutes. So I decided to go flag down some help. 

The first person with a truck I see I wave down. She happens to be a local mom out with her two kids and she immediately pulls over and offers her advice and a PROPERLY functioning jack ( it was so little effort! I was amazed!! ) so we put it in another spot jack up the car a little higher then realize that that bit of metal it’s on is bending. 

At this point I’m tired and frustrated, ready to take a nap so I’m like screw it let’s just keep going. However between this lovely lady and the boyfriend it comes to taking out the other jack putting it somewhere else and then putting this jack in the proper spot. Which worked out alright minus some more bent metal and we finally get the spare on get the car down and are removing the jack. When the spare flattens. It looked like a cartoon this big full round tire turning into a flat line. 

At this point I’m so frustrated that I go and say “you know what the rims not on the ground let’s just get home”. 

However this lady who has been helping us tells us about this flat tire fixer in a can and there’s a store just around the corner we can get it so we head off. 

Apparently she lived close by because she pulls in just a minute after us and gives us her spare can and shows me how to use it. I’m so grateful for this woman I offer to take her and her kids out to lunch or ice cream or something. She refuses and tells me “i didn’t help you for reward, I just want the world to be a better place and if we all help each other it will be”. 

So lessons on adulting to take from this story. 

1. Make sure that the jack that comes with your car works before you have to change a flat. And works easily. 

2. Moms are precious things that we shouldn’t be taken for granted and will help kids even if they aren’t THEIR own 

3. Learn how to change a flat before you leave home kids! (And actually do it don’t just watch your dad like I did!)

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