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Why I Live The Sheltered Life

I believe in people, and in their ability to be kind, thoughtful, caring, and some many more amazing things. However, this being my personal belief system, and how I live my life, there are many things I choose to be blind to. There are things I avoid to prevent myself from living in fear, to prevent losing my trusting way of being, and openness. I am not as naive as I seem.  Yet, I rarely (if ever) read, watch, or listen to the news; I know bad things happen. Everyday. I choose not to live in those bad things. I will occasionally hear about something from a coworker or friend or facebook post and look into it. Read into it. And I read about politics and what’s happening with our government and things as such. But if I were to read the news every day, about shootings, and terrorism, and how generally people SUCK; I don’t think I would be the same me. People do suck. They’re awful, they kill and torture and hate. Hell, today, I watched as a friends dog ran to play with a little girl on the beach. Katuna, as always was following close behind. None of us were really playing close attention, they’re all super friendly, happy dogs. But this little girl and her father were scared of dogs. This man picked up a rock bigger than my little puppy’s head and was ready to hurl it at her, after already trying to hit my friend’s dog.  We should have been paying attention, this I will agree too. However, to start threatening to kill the dogs with all of us running over. HOW is your first reaction to this little dog coming up, to try and kill it? Tess, the other dog’s owner, got there first in full momma bear mode screaming at the two men.  These men continue to threaten the dogs as we gather them up and walk them back to our respective cars. I later found out that they had guns. Which leads me to this. Who are we, to think that we control when a life ends? Who are humans to think they get to end each other’s lives? Why are we such a violent species?  This isn’t is the only awful thing at the hands of people I’ve experienced, and it leads to a lot of conversations. Humans simply do not have the temperament to own guns. That is my personal belief. The fact that you can take a shortcut to work through the wrong neighborhood, and look at someone wrong and LOSE YOUR LIFE, is not okay. Again, this is my opinion, and you are entitled to your own about guns. I simply do not like them. They make violence a lot quicker and easier. Tonight, had we run over a minute later or argued a little longer someone could have gone home dogless, or never made it home at all. And when I tell people I don’t like guns the initial response is almost always “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and yeah, sure, but guns make it a lot easier.

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