My Adventures in Becoming a Functioning Citizen of Society

I’m a Fischer Price Adult

Eighteen is a difficult age to be. You’re young enough that no one really listens because “Oh no honey, you’re far too young to be worried about that”, yet you’re also old enough to know that realistically, if you, and people your age don’t worry, who will? You’re old enough to check into a hotel, but not to rent a car. Old enough to pay rent but, well, we’ll get there. Anyways at 18, you’re sort of more a Fischer Price adult then anything else, as a dear friend of mine put it. And I wholly stand by the fact that I’m a fake adult.  Don’t get me wrong, I pay my own rent (on time). I pay for the one credit card I use. But I have a credit card that my dad pays for should I need to use it. I know literally nothing about filing taxes or any real kind of time management. I have a hard time remembering to feed myself something of nutritional value three times a day.  So when things happen, because of my age, that make adulting even harder than necessary I get frustrated. When I’m frustrated, I often cry. Which is horribly unproductive, and does little to make me feel better. Then I call my dad because what better adult to help me figure stuff out than the one who has done his best to give me everything I need to figure it out. My frustration today was due to the fact that I was told I was too young to buy car insurance on my lovely little island.  That is verbatim, what they told. So I start asking questions, trying to find loopholes I want to see if maybe I can put it under my dad’s name, who knows.  But I do know that I need to find a way around this. After finally extracting the information that another company could insure me I leave and head over there. Only to be brought to tears when they tell me they can insure, but the quote they show me is half my monthly income. So when over half my rent goes to rent and utilities, how am I supposed to adult my way out of this one and be able to feed myself? Luckily, I have a great dad, who can help me out with finances. But how are Fischer Price adults in my position that don’t have a bailout supposed to survive this?

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