Pieces of My Life, Rants, and Feelings

School Struggles

I won’t ever say that online college is easy. It is infuriating. You have to remember to get on the computer daily, chip away at assignments before they’re due, make sure nothing new has come up, and if you are not diligent it is very easy to fall behind and become overwhelmed. Which, I did a fair amount last semester. Scrambling to finish assignments just before their midnight deadline. It is nothing like high school, with teachers hounding you to finish stuff on time. You get no reminders, no one cares if you pass or fail, and if you fail it is your own money that’s getting thrown away. Something I personally find difficult as well is the difficulty communicating with professors. Back in school, if I had problems, questions, things that I may need to work around; it was an easy fix, hunt down their classroom, and talk it out until the problem is solved. With online schooling that’s not an option, you email your professor, wait a day and hope they respond. I find that generally, it takes a day for each message I send to receive a reply. So when you’re trying to work out something complex with a professor about an assignment, it often takes more time that you have before the assignment is due. Unless you unlike me manage to work through an entire course load in the first twoish weeks and sort it our extremely early. Another problem I’ve currently encountered is a teacher who expects me to have software that was not included in the material list and is so old I can’t even download it if it had been. I honestly can not fathom how that can be allowed, it is ridiculous. What am I supposed to do? Go buy a five-year-old computer with it downloaded on there already?  Anyways, these are just some current frustrations I am having with my classes. Any advice?

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