Pieces of My Life, Rants, and Feelings

Believe the Best

“One a scale from one to over-trusting I am pretty damn naive” -Sarah Kay spoken word poet

Some people believe in God, and currently, that’s just not my cup of tea. Some people believe in fate, coincidences, destiny, which I understand. To each their own, my personal system of belief is in people. I like to believe that people are naturally good. Even if in mass groups they can be awful, or irritating. Even though, they all occasionally make bad decisions.Believing in the fact that people are good, let’s me sleep at night the way that prayers do for others. So, when people do bad things, I still like to think the best. For instance, just recently my bike was stolen. It was an $80 bike that was not great, the gears and one of the brakes didn’t  work, and when I found out that it was stolen my first thought was clearly whoever took it needed it more than I did. I might be naive, you may think I’m silly to think that people are naturally good. Especially when all that see is the bad, on the news, in articles we see online. Our attention is always focused on the bad people do, not the good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive to the point of sleeping with my door unlocked and windows open, I don’t leave my wallet out in public and walk away for hours and expect it to be there when I get back. I just like to believe that when given the opportunity people will choose to be good,  a vast majority, at least. My thoughts about this don’t often come up in my daily life; yet when they do people are always eager to counter and believe the worst. So maybe the problem isn’t that people make bad decisions. Maybe the problem is that people believe they will and so they do. I remember in my CMC sociology class we learned that there were studies saying that people do, and become what others expect them too. So maybe if we all expected the best, the world would be a better place. Clearly, I can’t predict the future, you never know until you try. Right?

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