Pieces of My Life, Rants, and Feelings

My Decision to Talk About it

I wasn’t sure about starting this site initially. My day to day life doesn’t feel like anything extraordinary. So when my dad and later friends told me I should start a blog about my travels and school, I thought it may be a bit redundant. I go to work, I walk my dog, I do homework, rinse and repeat. But the struggles of working a forty plus hour a week job, that can be both physically and mentally exhausting, on top maintain good grades in class, is something that  I felt could be shared on its own. So throw in the fact that my job, is as a scuba instructor where I get to spend hours under the ocean with incredible creatures, and the marine life it gets a bit more intriguing. I ultimately decided to create this blog as an outlet. To vent my frustrations about classes, and exhaustion; but also the excitement that comes with it. Things like cliff jumping on the weekends, finding flamingos for impromptu photo shoots, swimming with manta rays, and chasing dolphins in boats at work. Of course, this blog may lead to vents on other things outside of work and school and adventures, so I suppose we can see where it goes together.

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